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“My yoga practice was wonderful and I really enjoyed it, but slacklining really took it to a whole other level, because my yoga mat…all the sudden became one inch wide,” says Dustin Lindblad, who was featured in The Wall Street Journal earlier this year as a woman “walking on air.” So, what exactly does she do and teach? Lindblad slacklines, but not in the way you might think: she performs yoga poses, including kneeling, laying down, backbending, planking, and even squatting while on webbing that’s only one inch wide. She can even balance her entire body on a single shoulder, while on the line. It seems impossible, but on today’s episode, Lindblad gives us a peek into her world and explains how she came to be known as the woman walking on air. She also discusses a bit about what it’s like to teach students who wish to accomplish the same. On today’s episode, you will learn:

  • Why there is a (necessary) meditative aspect to yoga slacklining
  • How slacklining can provide a multitude of benefits
  • How to get started as a complete beginner