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Do you snore, have insomnia or neck or back pain when you sleep?

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In this informative podcast, Dr. Sandeep Jain, pulmonary and sleep medicine expert and founder of ListenMD, will discuss the technological advances that can help us all to take an active role in our health maintenance.

Dr. Jain talks about ListenMD, an intelligent health care communication platform for physicians, caregivers, and patients that can improve care, lower costs, and reduce wasted time. ListenMD is a HIPAA compliant, high-performance messaging app that is simple to use and gives patients the power to control and view their upcoming appointments with doctors and healthcare staff. And by using the platform, patients can be directly engaged with data collection, and take a more proactive role in their own health maintenance.

Continuing his discussion on health, Dr. Jain delves into the area of sleep, discussing sleep disorders and other issues. He talks about CPAP devices that can vary the pressure and deliver better breathing for those who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea.

Additionally, Dr. Jain delivers some basic information for listeners who may be concerned they have or are developing, a sleep disorder. As he explains, getting the right amount of quality sleep can help us to perform activities safely, and live better lives.

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